Our artists have some impressive portfolios, and they like to show them off! We encourage you to read through all of the content available on the site, but we understand that the average attention span is short. So, skip the good info and head straight to the artwork.

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We won’t flash you…even if you ask nicely.

Junkyard Ink is a no flash shop, which means every client leaves with a 100% custom tattoo. No flash books to view, no wall tattoos to choose, and no carbon-copy tattoos of that stupid Instagram angel. We’re sorry, but its stupid.

We recognize that you are an individual and deserve to rock a piece that is as unique as you are.  If you do your job and bring your personality, we’ll create a piece that matches it. We’re like a dating site for tattoos, but we call you back after the first date and don’t leave you feeling ashamed.

A Few Shop Rules to Know…

We are a shop worth seeing. We manage to keep it that way by asking our oh-so-courteous patrons to follow a few simple rules when in the shop. Read, do, get tattooed.


Be Respectful

You respect us, we respect you. We will work with you to create the masterpiece you crave, so long as you remember we are human too. Super awesome colorful humans, but human nonetheless.


Adults only (get tattooed)

Yes, like one of those super awesome Jamaican resorts but in a very PG way. We do not tattoo anyone under 18, period. We don’t care if your mom is super cool and is letting you get that “oh so sick” butterfly on your ankle at 16. Can’t get it done here.

Don't be wasted

This kind of falls in the “don’t be an ass hole” rule, but nonetheless, please be sober when you come in. We will refuse service to people traveling the booze cruise, so please save the drinking for after your tattoo when you want to show that cute girl at the bar what a badass you are.

Ok fine, there’s more…

We aren’t trying to be all Debby Downer here, but truth be told we actually care about maintaining a sanitary, healthy, quality environment. We also like our clients to not be pissed off, so we have a few shop guidelines that we ask our Junkyard Inkers to follow.

Sounds awesome! Please show me Junkyard Ink rules so I can be a client that doesn’t suck! >