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About Dray

Dray has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember. He began tattooing 4 years ago and has been an artist at Junkyard for over 3 years now. He’s recently discovered a new way to approach tattooing, taking into consideration how it directly connects with oil painting. Dray paints almost every day, taking what he learns from painting and letting that improve his tattoo work. And let us tell you, it’s working.

He prefers to tattoo in an art-focused style that has Japanese and neo traditional influences, either in black and gray or color. This means he enjoys producing art and is not fond of being used as a copy machine. He is great at taking your ideas and creating a great piece of work that tells the great story you are wanting to convey….great!

Dray also has an adorable dog, which we think makes him that much cooler.




Large scale, creative pieces in a painterly, illustrative style


Art focused, custom pieces





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