Chris "Bacon" Nami

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What I DO

One-of-a-kind, Custom Pieces
This means NO copy tattoos from other pieces or images. You can bring in reference images for a type of style you prefer or components you like, but I will not copy a reference piece completely.
Composition-based Large Pieces
You give me subject and a body area, and I build a complex piece around it. You can provide me with an idea of what you want as a focal point and the emotion you want to convey, and I build a layered composition depicting that.
Free-hand Abstract
As an experienced painter, I specialize in abstract work reminiscent of watercolor and pastel paintings. Multicolor blending plays a role in both background and foreground in paint-style tattoos.
For over a decade I have blended, expanded, added, covered and fixed a variety of tattoos. New masterpieces can be created from properly covering up previous tattoos and utilizing the lines and shapes already provided. A great cover-up is about using what’s there to create something new.
Traditional Japanese
Portraits & Pinups
Black & Grey

What I DON’T

Customized Flash
I will not copy tattoos or artwork references from any source, including Pinterest, Google, Facebook, etc. I am an artist, not a copy machine. Reference images are welcome but will be used as nothing more than that, a reference.
No script, symbols or numbers. This includes things “hidden” throughout the tattoo, so no birthdays in leaves, anniversaries in a butterfly wing or roman numerals in the clouds. No names, birthdays, quotes, or anything of that nature in the tattoo.

I will work with you to create an artistic representation of an event or person you wish to be in the piece through visuals outside of text. The only exception to this is if text is an integral part of the primary design, such as numbers on a clock or lettering on a street sign.

I will not do any tribal work with one exception: you are a member of a tribe or have heritage with tribal designs associated. In this case I will work with you to create a unique design representative of the culture being referenced.

While I am open to working with a cultural representation in a tribal tattoo, please note that I am not well-versed in what specific symbols and patterns mean in every instance. Because of this, it is your responsibility as the client to understand what specific visuals represent in your tattoo.

Gang or Hate-related Pieces
I will not do any gang-related tattoos of any kind. I also will not do any tattoos that represent hate, violence or discrimination. My work is art, and is not meant to spread anything other than positive expression on behalf of myself and my clients.


Email or text are two good avenues for getting a hold of this social butterfly: 720-434-4340

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